We would love to see you for your senior portraits with us.

We have our loft studio and our private 4 acre grounds, all within minutes of each location. We will have all our set ideas for you to look over and together we will design your unique photoshoot with us!

Be unique at antisdel.s.

The Style Guide:

something Classy

that will look good 22 years from now...

something Casual

whatever you wear everyday,

your look.

something Unique

fun, wild, edgy...

identity outfits

sports, music, dance, art, etc...


bring your car, truck, bike,

snowboard, horse, your puppy,

whatever you love...

What to Wear for your senior pics.

Click Here to see all the cute outfits Kennedy chose to wear for her senior pics with us.

Staight legged jeans.


Colorful dresses.

Pretty floral dresses.


Dress shirts.


Suits and things you do.

Fun shoes.

Extra photo tips for guys.

Hair - however you like.

Bring extra stuff - hoodies, jackets, hats, fun shoes.

Sunburns - try not to!

Blemishes - we retouch them all off.

Stuff - bring your car, truck, bike,

snowboard, horse, your puppy, etc.

Casual outfits.